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Refrigerant R134A (CE)

Category : refrigerant 134a
Posted : 2013-08-27 11:51:56
Item : Refrigerant R134A in CE Refillable CYL
Detail:Refrigerant R134A (CE),High quality & Good Price!
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Refrigerant R134A (CE)
    Refrigerant R134A Specifications

    Refreigerant  R134A with CE CYLINDER
    1)specialize to european, USA
    2)99.99% purity gas ,

    Replaces: R-12

    Refrigerant R134A  Physical properties:

    Molecular Weight : 102.03               Boiling Point, °C  : -26.1

    Critical Temperature, °C: 101.1        Critical Pressure, Mpa: 4.05

    ODP : 0           GWP  :0.13

    Quality standard :

    Purity, %:   ≥99.9              Moisture, PPm:   ≤10

    Acidity, PPm: ≤0.1            Vapor Residue, PPm: ≤100

    Appearance:Colorless, No turbid           Odor:No Strange Stench

    Application:refrigerant for CFC-12 substitute.

    Refrigerant R134A Packing:

    Cans:  280gram/can; 340gram/can; 500gram/can; 800gram/can;1kg/can

    DOT certificated

    Disposable steel cylinders:  15lb(6.8kg)/cylinder; 30lb(13.6kg)/cylinder; 50lb(22.7kg)/cylinder;

    DOT 39 Standard disposable cylinder

    Refillable steel cylinders: 12kg/cylinder; 13.6kg/cylinder, 950kgs/ton cylinder;

    CE certificated, standard: EN13322-1:2003

    Iso tanks: 18000kgs/iso tank

    DOT certificated

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    Refrigerant R134A CE Refillable steel cylinder
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