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The principles of refrigerant gas selection

Refrigerant selection with the basic principles


In the vapor compression chillers, the various types of chiller refrigerant have some common requirements:

1) The critical temperature is relatively high, at low temperature, room temperature or normal phase transition. This is the basic requirement of the vapor refrigerant in the chiller.

2) of suitable saturated vapor pressure, the evaporation pressure is preferably not less than atmospheric pressure. Avoid air leakage into the cooling system. The condensation pressure can not be too high to prevent the device from being excessively increased, and the refrigerator. Meanwhile, the ratio of condensing pressure and evaporating pressure should not be too large, so as not to compress the final temperature is too high and the compressor gas transmission coefficient decreases.

3) the solidification temperature is low, in order to avoid solidification of the refrigerant at the evaporator temperature.

4) viscosity and density to be small, to reduce the flow resistance loss of the refrigeration system.

5) the thermal conductivity is higher. To improve the heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger, the heat transfer area and decrease the consumption of metallic material.

6) adiabatic index should be small, can reduce the power consumption of the compression process, the compressed gas temperature at the end, but high.

7) liquid heat capacity is small. Can reduce the loss of throttling process.

8) improvement of the thermodynamic cycle as large as possible.

9) no burning, no explosion, toxic, corrosive effect on metal can not afford, do not break down at high temperatures and harmful to humans.

10) are cheap, easy to obtain.

In addition, due to environmental needs of modern global warming. With particular emphasis on the use of refrigerants should not destroy the ozone layer and cause global warming.

The basic principle of the refrigerant of choice: In considering the basic requirements of the premise, you should also consider the structure type and refrigerator combined with the use of refrigeration compressors to decide which bits refrigerants used. Such as: In the hermetic-type compressor, the refrigerant in contact with the motor coil, it can not be used as a class with the amino function of the copper refrigerant. Home air conditioning refrigerant in refrigerators hope nontoxic, nonflammable, non-explosive. Thus the results of each of the selected refrigerant is comprehensive consideration.

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