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Australia's market trend to refrigerant R32

Australia's air conditioner market began trend to refrigerant R32 

Recently, the 2014 Australian International refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation equipment exhibition (ARBS) held in Melbourne, Convention on the big gold Fujitsu General showcase a wide range of R32 room air conditioner (RAC). With part of the world's most stringent minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) in Australia, seems to have begun the transition to the new refrigerant R32 of RAC.

According to information obtained JARN in ARBS, Daikin in 2014 ARBS demonstrated R32 RAC's full range of products, including its key products sold in Japan end Uru Sara 7 series, and its main RAC Emura II series products in Europe. Daikin has been positioned as a strategic product lines of these and R32 models to promote its advanced technology and high value-added models in strength.

Air conditioner manufacturers in Japan last September, will eventually join the ranks of the conversion to R32. Daikin is a leader in this field, followed by Matsushita, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu General and Hitachi in Japan, they have introduced the use of R32 refrigerant high-RAC. The RAC in the market due to the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving has won praise.

Japanese manufacturers will focus on the Australian market, the profit of air conditioning products here are higher than other places, where it has launched their main strategic products. After the Japanese market launch of the R32 in air conditioners, these manufacturers have also been launched in the Australian market.

Fujitsu General to take the initiative in the fall of 2013, all the major models are converted from R32 R410A. The company has focused on providing technical training, installation and after-sales service, won the trust of the market. Fujitsu General, a manager, said: "Since we successfully hosted the seminar and how to deal with R32 training, dealer concerns about the R32 has reduced the Fujitsu General will continue to launch new products in the market R32.

Such vendors efforts have been rewarded in Australia to R32 RAC conversion smooth start. R32 gas distribution network should be a good cloth within the next six months. Dealers are already familiar with the performance of R32, for example, a certain flammability, and after re-filling process leaks in. R32 product expansion has been the foundation to lay.

See the opportunities of the market, Daikin Australia has launched its high-end Uru Sara 7 Series R32 for RAC. A Daikin Australia general manager responsible for manufacturing, "said Prospect 2014 summer, we will put our R32 since October as a flagship series of promotional models. Daikin R32 are using our excellent technology to develop high value-added market and leading the market through R32 models in the future, we also plan to introduce R32's PAC and polyads air conditioners.

"JARN at the trade fair also interviewed Panasonic Panasonic is the second after the second launch in Japan, Daikin RAC and advanced technology manufacturer of R32 R32 of the company would consider the best products and products for each market launch timing, plans to launch R32 RAC products in different overseas markets.

JARN asked the local distributor and dealer response to the R32 RAC products. Because many people answer R32 has met the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations, they are R32 refrigerant leakage and flammability of certain concerns have been basically eliminated.

Japanese manufacturers with their leading product advantages dominate Australia's RAC, PAC, and the VRF market. Therefore, if these companies have provided R32 products, the future of the Australian market should be converted to R32 refrigerant.