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The vending machine using CO2

EPA announced that allowed in the new production of vending machine in

use CO2


The United States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) has recently published a

list of refrigeration and air conditioning industry alternatives, including  allowing  the

new  productionof the vending  machine using the CO2, this is a  natural  refrigerant

was first included in thecatalogue. According to the instructions, according to EPA, C-

O2 can be used as CFC-12,HCFC-22, containing HCFC-22 and / or HCFC-142b and the

mixture of R-502 alternativesused in the new production equipment. The decision ca-

me into effect in August 10, 2012.


This decision makes the natural refrigerant first can be used as alternative refrigerant

inthe United States the new vending machines in use. A few days ago, EPA also by h-

ydrocarbon refrigerants R441A for use  in automatic vending machines.  However, the

use of terms not defined, it will give manufacturers and users to choose such a refrige-

rantbrought huge uncertainty. However, with  the CO2  approval, industry is  towards

moreenvironmentally friendly refrigeration way.


In agreeing to the CO2 as a vending machine before EPA alternative refrigerants, has

carried on the health and environmental impact  analysis and assessment. To  ensure

safety,according to the occupation safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) regulat-

ions,in the work area, the CO2 allows the concentration limit of 5000ppm  (according

to 8 hours a day, every 40 hours), according to the American national occupation  saf-

ety and HealthAssociation ( NIOSH ) rules, the 15 minute short concentration limit for



According to the evaluation, EPA recommends that  users will CO2  vending  machine

installation in a well ventilated area, which can not be installed in the ventilation of the

enclosed region; and shall  comply with any  other relevant safety  requirements  and

instructions, such as American  Society of  heating, refrigeration and Air  Conditioning

Engineers ( ASHRAE ) standards related to material safety information guide ( MSDS ),

as well as refrigeration air conditioning industry safety requirements; at the same time

to meet OSHA and NIOSH requirements for CO2 concentration.

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