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Refrigerant gas HFC-245fa dispute

Refrigerant gas HFC-245fa dispute

The fourth generation of foaming agent is good

Since the entry into force of the Montreal protocol in 1989, people began looking for alternative course of CFC-11 foaming agent. So far, home appliances usingfoaming agent has gone through 3 stages of substitution, and the fourth generation of the foaming agent has entered the ranks of alternative options.


HCFC-141b, standing on the edge of elimination

Following the China 2010 completely eliminated CFC-11 foaming agent, once as a replacement for CFC-11 HCFC-141b is also on the brink of being eliminated.According to the provisions of the Montreal protocol HCFCs out schedule,consumption in 2013 and 2015 HCFC-141b in polyurethane foam industry should be controlled at 5392.2 tons and 4449.6 tons of ODP ODP. In order to realize thecontrol target, polyurethane foam industry needs to be eliminated 14685 tons(1615.35 tons HCFC-141b ODP), by 2015 to achieve a baseline level 17.5% out of phase, especially to realize the refrigerator / freezer, refrigerated containers,small household electrical appliances 3 sub sectors of the complete elimination of HCFC-141b foaming agent. In 2020, the polyurethane foam industry will HCFC-141b consumption to no more than 65% of the baseline level, i.e. at least out ofabout 8500 tons of HCFC-141b.

At present, the refrigerator, refrigerator industry has stopped using HCFC-141b,2015 electric water heater industry will also prohibit the use of HCFC-141b, and the solar energy water heater is not expressly.


HFC-245fa and HFC-365mfc

It is understood, at present, foreign refrigerator foaming technology mainly usestwo kinds of foaming line, one is in Europe on behalf of foaming technology,using cyclopentane or HFC-365mfc; two is to American represented, foaming technology, the use of pure HFC-245a.

With the Chinese out plan to promote HCFCs, HFC-245a and HFC-365mfc as thecyclopentane and HCFC-141b substitutes into the Chinese has for many years.In 2007, the song of the four seasons in cooperation with Honeywell, the introduction of HFC-245fa foaming agent, solar water heater production line to start the world's first green fluorine free foaming, leading the solar water heaterindustry into the fluorine free era. In 2009, Hisense Kelon refrigerator large-scale use of HFC-245fa foaming agent. It is worth mentioning that, HFC-245fa patentwill expire in 2015, when some domestic enterprises can also be put into operation. "HFC-245fa will no longer be a monopoly, the price may also be more approachable.


However, due to not meet the requirements of environmental protection and other value price, GWP, HFC-245fa does not like foreign application as pure foaming agent in home appliance industry, more with cyclopentane foaming agent mixed use. In fact, the promotion of HFC-245fa in Chinese household electrical appliance industry is not so smooth. "After a short scene, may be lonelyexit." At the same time, some areas have also begun to disable HFC-245faabroad. In 2015 January, Europe will prohibit the use of HFC-245fa; in 2016, USAwill prohibit the use of HFC-245fa.


The fourth generation of foaming agent, is expected to become the mainstream

In 2012 August, Whirlpool announced that all American production Whirlpoolrefrigerator, including Whirlpool brand, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air and KitchenAid brand products are used in a new generation of liquid foaming agent HCFO-1233zd three hexafluoropropylene (LBA). In 2013 November, Midea refrigeratorannounced, using LBA 2014 beautiful part of the production of energy-saving refrigerator and refrigerating cabinet. In 2014 September, Honeywell announced,Haier company by LBA in large capacity refrigerator production in. The three major home appliances giant behaviors commonly proves, the fourth generation of foaming agent is valued by industry.

LBA has no combustible, low GWP value, improve energy efficiency by 10% ~ 12% than cyclopentane, coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than that of HFC-245fa 8%, has good strength, dimensional stability and adhesion ofpolyurethane rigid foam using LBA foam. "The LBA foaming agent on the foaming process equipment, and cyclopentane system similar, without the need foradditional investment, can directly replace the cyclopentane."


In addition to Honeywell's LBA, DuPont HFO-1336mmz (six fluoro butene) FEA-1100 is also very representative. According to DuPont relevant source, the HFO-1336mmz GWP value is 2, the ODP value is 0. In September 15, 2014, DuPont Co fluorine chemicals business announced, will be in the second half of 2016through the Chinese factories started large-scale commercial production of HFO-1336mzz. DuPont Co in the China line will become the world's first large-scale production of HFO-1336mzz production line. In business promotion, the main users of DuPont Co is with the major of rigid polyurethane foam industry, such as refrigerators, water heaters and other household electrical appliances production enterprise, refrigerated container in areas such as user to carry out assessment work, in order to realize commercial application.