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Refrigerant R22

2013 air conditioning industry R22 maximumconsumption of 74700 tons


Recently, the environmental protection department of the foreign cooperation

center of Environmental Protection announced, 2013 will be a room air condit-

ioner industry R22 consumption freezing in the baseline level, namely the max-

imum consumption of 74700 tons; 2015 cut 10% of consumption, the consump-

tion of 67230 tons.


In 2012 September, decide the first batch transformation for the R290 production

 line ( 13 ) and transformed into R410a production line ( 10 ), the total elimination

capacity of 8995 tons; determined to transform the R290 compressor production

 line ( 4 ); a total of 27 lines.


In 2012 October, the first batch of a total of six enterprises of 5 air conditioning

compressor production lines and 3 production lines for review; three enterprises

 of two air conditioning production lines and two production lines adopted the pr-

inciple of compressor.

Our factory are specializes in producing all kinds of refrigerant, including 

Refrigerant gas R22, R134A,404A,R410A,R407C,R600A,R406A and so on.

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