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Refrigerant R22 Increase in export

2012, the the refrigerant market in China is relatively deserted, the most refrigerant

enterprises 2012 target selection steady development. But this year, the price fluctuations of

refrigerant too suffered the cold winter, many hoard goods supplier to some extent. Recent

months, the stability of all varieties in our market price volatility of the refrigerant.

Refrigerant R22 is still high in China's market share is still the mainstream of the

development of the market.


Since this year, the price of refrigerant R22 has been in low the irresolute back to. Many

foreign regions have banned the production of refrigerant R22 refrigerant R22 of the

foreign market demand is gradually increasing exports once domestic air conditioning

industry development in the trough, demand for refrigerant R22 showing a downward

trend. It is understood that, although the refrigerant R22 is a traditional refrigerant, at

present, the cooling effect is the best. Recently, the State Ministry of Industry and

Information Technology published Notice No. 14 of 2012, in which the announcement

directory 9 requiring eliminated CFCS (chlorofluorocarbons) for the refrigerant

refrigeration and air conditioning products, refrigerant R22 will also complete phase-out in

2020 .


Air conditioning and refrigeration market experts pointed out that the refrigerant R22 in

2020 or will completely exit the application on the product, but need to be added in the

ratio of the mixed refrigerant refrigerant R22 refrigerant R22 is the basic raw material of

many refrigeranttherefore the amount of refrigerant R22 although there will be some

restrictions, but can not be completely discontinued.


Our factory are specializes in producing all kinds of refrigerant, including  Refrigerant gas R22, R134A,404A,R410A,R407C,R600A,R406A and so on