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R410A refrigerant market has stabilized in 2012

R410A prices, supply and demand in recent years in a state of continued volatility.

In 2011,with the fall of the price of  R125 and R32, R410A Price  downward trend.

Now home air conditioning industry the R410A, demand will continue to  increase.

The relevant experts predict that in 2012 China's R410A refrigerant market has s-

tabilized, the price is slightlysmall rise. R410A is a destructive effect on the ozone

layer is not environmentally friendly refrigerants (ODP = 0), but higher greenhou-

se potential, mainly used for home air conditioning and multi-line. With the  rapid

development of the inverter air conditioner market in China, the increasing dema-

nd of the air conditioning industry R410A.


It is understood that the demand for home air conditioning industry R410A will co-

ntinue to increase. The air conditioning industry in which a continuous steady dev-

elopment. Inverter air conditioner market share will continue to rise, which will in-

crease demand of R410A. The air conditioning market growth depends  mainly on

extreme climate and affordable housing, limited to two rooms, commercial housing

transaction volume and speed of the construction of low-rent housing.


R410A patent period has ended in late 2011. The R410A, many domestic enterpris-

es optimistic about the future, have voted to build the R410A its raw materials pro-

duction line. The enterprises of the refrigerant  R125 stimulation and expansion  of

action being carried out to make up for the gap in the market left by previous years

R125.According to incomplete statistics, the R125 production capacity of 100,000 t-

ons per year. In recent years, R410A refrigerant transform two extremes of market

status in a hot or cold. After a slump, the price may be a slight rebound. Broadly ba

lanced state of supply and demand will be in the market as a whole in 2012.


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404A,R410A,R407C,R600A,R406A and so on.