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R22 industry position is difficult to shake

The whole society more and more attention to environmental issues, in parts of the

relevant government departments have also sent a comprehensive ban fluoride pol-

icies, laws and regulations, but no fluoride is the wrong concept, also led to the ma-

jority of users and manufacturers confused.


Recently, many domestic users require manufacturers environmentally friendly refr-

igerant R134a and other refuse the use of Freon R22 refrigerant, the reason is  that

in response to the national call to protect the environment. In fact, R22 and  R134a

freon family members are hydrochlorofluorocarbons classFreon is a general  term

for a halogen derivative  of the saturated  hydrocarbons  (hydrocarbons). As can be

seen from the Freon definition, people's so-called environmentally friendly refrigera-

nt refrigerant R134a, R410A and R407C in fact part of the Freon family. So ban fluo-

ride notion of the ban should not ban the contents confused.


Air conditioning and refrigeration market experts pointed out that the Freon has be-

en able to destroy the ozone layer is because the refrigerant containing CL elements,

and along with the increase of the number of atoms in CL of the destruction of the o-

zone layer capacity increase with increasing H element content to reduce the destruc-

tion of the ozone layer capacity; greenhouse refrigerant slow oxidative decomposition

process generates large amounts of greenhouse  gases, such as CO2.  Depending  on

the molecular structure, the Freon refrigerant can be roughly divided into the following

three categories:


Categories: 1. Chlorofluorocarbons referred to CFC, mainly including R11, R12, R113,

R114, R115, R500, R502, etc., due to its destructive effects on the ozone layer, the

Montreal Protocol as a controlled substance. These substances has been China has

gradually prohibit the use of.


2.Hydrochlorofluorocarbon: referred to as HCFC, mainly including R22, R123, R141b,

R142b, destruction of the ozone layer coefficient is only R11 is a few percent, so the

national program, "China phasing out of ozone depleting substances HCFC substances,

asfor the the CFC class of substances most important transitional alternative substances.


3.Hydrofluorocarbons: short HFC, mainly including R134a, R125, R32, R407C, R410A,

R152, destruction of the ozone layer coefficient is 0, but higher warming potential.


"National program" is not difficult to see in the future for a long period of time, HCFC-22

(R22) in air conditioning and refrigeration industry will continue to play a very important

role in a variety of media, Select a suitable alternative refrigerants is very difficult, many

factors must be considered and carried out a comprehensive  evaluation is  necessary to

comply with the ozone-depleting potential value (ODP) and global warming potential  (

GWP) of requirements should also consider the thermal performance, toxicity,flammabi-

lity, toxicity,flammability, compatibility, investment and running cost.

stage R22 refrigerant R134a environmentally friendly refrigerants, still efficient, stable, i

nexpensive, large refrigeration units aspects will also be in a dominant  position,  before

the birth of the ideal refrigerant, R22 refrigerant can also be consumed in 2040.


Our factory are specializes in producing all kinds of refrigerant, including  R22, R134A

404A,R410A,R407C,R600A,R406A and so on.