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Hydrocarbon refrigerant market

Replacement of the refrigerant has been the focus of attention in the industry, hydrocarbon

refrigerant as a  new direction of  development has attracted wide attention recently,  from

cold Fair market line learned, Puyang City, Wei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. developed  twokinds

of new hydrocarbon refrigerant, and is expected to detonate the refrigerant market, to brin-

g a new revolution in the industry.


Suhong Jun, general manager of the company, told Li Yiqiang: "R & D out of R436a has

started selling in the market, R436a than R134a for freezer as the hydrocarbon refrige-

rants new members can  save 30% -40%  for automobile air conditioning efficiency  of

20% or more, and the price is cheaper than R134a, filling amount less than R134a, the

most important is the premise without replacing equipment can be used directly, fluori-

ne free energy efficient environmentally friendly new products. "


Su Hongjun also developed new products hydrocarbon refrigerant R433B more optimiz-

ed, nique additive products on the basis of the R290, has a unique advantage to replace

R290. The products or ASHRAE certification globally unique coding products, is a  leader

in the new generation of hydrocarbon refrigerant, the future is bound to become the first

choice for the environmentally friendly refrigerant.


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Exposition (referred to as cold-Fair) is organized by the Trade Development Bureau of

the Ministry of Commerce, the refrigeration industry's top professional exhibition coor-

ganized by the Building Environment and Equipment Branch of China Survey and Design

Association, has won the Ministry of Commerce"China's top ten brand exhibition project"

winning. Cold Expo 2012 have been included in the support of the Ministry of Commerce

to guide key projects. Refrigeration industry, cold Expo in accordance with an internatio-

nal perspective, the domestic first-class marketing return positioning, held in november

each year, has been successfully held 12 sessions, is the largest and highest grade, mo-

st homogeneous product, the highest rate of visitors the exhibition enjoys the reputatio-

n of "participation rate of return for the first exhibition, more than 30 countries and reg-

ions each year, thousands  of businesses  involved in show business  negotiation  event.

Add cold expo means into the refrigeration industry core quality resources, access

to open up the Chinese market unparalleled advantage.


Our factory are specializes in producing all kinds of refrigerant, including

R22,R134A,404A,R410A,R407C,R600A,R406A and so on.