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Freon R22 prices will up in 2015

Freon R22 prices will rise in 2015

In recent years, affected by the decline in demand and capacity on the releaseeffect, since this year the price of fluorine chemical products all the way down.However in the various models of refrigerant in profit margins when, refrigerant R22 is thriving, as of 2014 November, prices rose nearly 50%. Air conditioning and refrigeration big market experts believe that, R22 began to implement thequota production since 2013, supply is limited, demand and supply is tight is an important reason of its rising.


According to the "Montreal Protocol" provisions, R22 officially began to phase outthe production quota from 2015, reduced to 274000 tons, of which 189000 tonswithin the quota for. 2013, 14 years of R22 refrigerant production quota of 308000 tons, of which used in the production quota of 208000 tons. In September 15, 2014 the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the first batch of HCFCs containing the production line shut down enterprise project list,including 2 of the R22 line (Yingpeng chemical, Zhejiang Dongyang chemical),total production quota of 33000 tons. The Ministry of environmental protectionissued in 2015 December 2nd formally refrigerant R22 production quota of 274000 tons, with 189000 tons of production quotas which, this gave the originalsupply fuel market tension.


Some experts predict, in 2015 the R22 demand of about 260000 tons, R22 refrigerant demand from downstream air conditioning industry home and abroad,split air-conditioning production, repair market and direct export demand,combining with the investigation data of fluorine chemical enterprises and downstream air conditioning enterprises, respectively on the three piece of the market demand for estimates, is expected to total demand in 2015 of about R22refrigerant the difference between the supply and demand of 260000 tons,14000 tons, compared with the difference of 19000 tons in 2014, the tension between supply and demand pattern is further intensified.


Since 2015 1-2 month is just during the Spring Festival, center air-conditioning manufacturing enterprises on the air conditioning product sales to inventory; at the same time, before the R22 Production enterprise applies for  in February 1,export license issued, products are more concentrated in the domestic sales.According to the refrigeration express understanding, the recent domestic R22prices will decline slightly, is expected to around March, with air-conditioningsales season arrival, the export volume, R22 prices will rise again.


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