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Energy-saving effect

Energy-saving effect of refrigeration equipment using new hydrocarbon


Recently, studies have shown that the new hydrocarbon refrigerant used in refrigeration

mushroom factory production equipment, in a comparison test of the two fruiting cycles

through fine control, strict test measured recordto calculated accurate data,  found that

compared to traditional Freon refrigerant equipment, new hydrocarbon refrigerant equi-

pment with significant energy savings, with an average energy saving rate of up to 19.8

%, in addition to the equipment load is reduced, the noise, the life of the equipment to


only reduce the cost of electricity production enterprises, but also in line with the global

trend of energy saving and environmental protection, has significant social and economic

benefits, should further promote the application.


Our factory are specializes in producing all kinds of refrigerant, including

R22,R134A,404A,R410A,R407C,R600A,R406A and so on.