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Climate and Clean Air Alliance

Recently, seven countries including the United Kingdom joined the United

 States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) was launched in

February 2012,  aimed at curbing global warming, climate, and the  Clean

Air Alliance

The alliance co-founded by the United States, Canada, Bangladesh, Mexi-

co,Sweden and Ghana, there are 21 member countries.  Union  belonging

to the United Nations  Environment  Programme  (Programme des Nations

unies pour l'environnement, PNUE). Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Fi-

nland, Italy and Jordan became the latest to join the Union in seven count-


The alliance aims to make every effort to reduce greenhouse gas emission-

s such as black carbon, methane and hydrogen fluorocarbons short in  the

atmosphere, in order to more effectively slow down the pace of global war-

ming. Due to the persistence of these pollutants in the air time is much sho-

rter than carbon dioxide, their governance is  relatively easy, the  costs are

relatively small. Black carbon is inadequate combustion of biomass or fossil

fuels and other pollutants have a strong adsorption capacity, not only boo-

sting the greenhouse effect, and easily lead to respiratory  diseases. Meth-

ane, mainly  from natural gas  production, landfill  and agricultural  activities.

 HFCs from refrigerants, fire extinguishing agent and cleaning solvent.


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