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Domestic refrigerant quota cuts effect will appear

Domestic refrigerant quota cuts effect will appear

The Ministry of environmental protection web site disclosure, the recently issued 82 Enterprises in 2015 annual hydrochlorofluorocarbons use of quotas, the total reduction of 10% compared to last year. According to the "Montreal Protocol" agreement, in 2015 China's R22 production capacity has also cut 10% refrigerant. Because R22 used in fluorine fine chemical raw materials and the export sector is not restricted, the refrigerant quotas under the constraints of supply and demand, industry will usher in opportunity for improvement, perfect industrial chain and the export qualification of the leading enterprises, the level of profitability or turns for the better.

Refrigerant R22 as building air conditioning with refrigerant, long dominated. But due to the destruction of the ozone layer and global warming an important influence, "Montreal Protocol" to disable R22 refrigerant term made clear. According to the regulation, our country must complete the production and consumption of eliminated in 2030, which cuts by 2015 10% to 2025 67.5%, cut, 2030 to 2040 in addition to retain a small repair purposes will be fully phased out.

Data shows, at present China R22 total capacity of about 800000 tons, the market demand of 500000 tons, of which about 270000 tons of refrigerant. If you consider R22 as PTFE raw materials and export surplus to a lesser extent, industry. Dongyue Group as the leading enterprises, with 200000 tons of R22 capacity, followed by Juhua and 3F, respectively 100000 tons, 45000 tons.

Overall, Montreal by taking effect, the second generation of the main varieties of refrigerant R22 subject to quota system influence, the market supply and demand is expected to turn for the better.

The company, 3F has China's largest fluorine chemical R & D base, has a complete industrial chain. The company currently has 45000 tons of R22 capacity, half for the production of downstream products, half for sale. In addition, the company invested 200000000 yuan to build an annual output of 3000 tons HFO-1234yf project, the current through the DuPont Co to export, the two period of production capacity of 3000 tons will be based on market demand for timely delivery. Juhua has 100000 tons of R22 capacity, from upstream to downstream with fluorite fluorine chemical products complete industrial chain, at the same time the company is also developing HFO-1234yf, expand the market of high-end refrigerant.

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