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Daikin will invest 400 million new plant in USA

Daikin will invest 400 million new plant in USA.

Recently, Daikin Industries, Inc. announced a new factory in the United States, the integration of the US subsidiary of Goodman (Goodman Global) production and logistics functions. The new plant investment of about $ 410 million to fight after the 2016 launch. Daikin will strive to 2020 from the present level of about 3.7 million units increased to 5.5 million units in the United States annual air conditioning.

It is understood that the new plant will be built in the United States, Texas, near Houston, Goodman corporate headquarters, a building area of approximately 350,000 square meters. The new facility will integrate a total of four production bases located in Texas and Tennessee and two logistics network.

Goodman mainly for the North American market building multi-conditioning and home air conditioners and other products, sales in fiscal 2013 amounted to about 250 billion yen (about 13 billion yuan).

Our factory are specializes in producing all kinds of refrigerant, including  Refrigerant gas R22,R134A,404A,R410A,R407C,R600A,R406A and so on