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R22 refrigerant replacement

R22 refrigerant replacement

The European HCFC refrigerant ban went into effect in January 1st, the European Commission again exempted 2 petrochemical enterprises, can continue to use HCFCrefrigerant.

BP is located in the Scotland Grangemouth area Kinneil refrigerated liquefied natural gasfacilities allowed recovery of R22 during the period of 2015 January to March 1, 2017 can be used 9000kg, Denmark DONG energy Nybro natural gas processing plant in can continue to use recycled R22 not more than 18300kg in the next two years. In addition, Holland Navy is also allowed, using R22 in the two submarines.

In September last year, reported that ConocoPhillips natural gas processing plant is located in the county of Lincolnshire Britain allowed Theddlethorpe, continue to use the recovery is not more than R22 35100kg in 2016 July. Based on the special needs of frozen factory fulfilledForties pipeline system of natural gas management demand since 1978. At present, it still bear the production and 25% 50% of the British Petroleum Natural gas production task.

BP points out, they have to start in 2009 on the R22 alternative for screening and evaluation.There are three kinds of refrigerant is considered having potential feasibility. One of them isammonia /CO22010 years has been selected, but in 2011 it was thought that from a technical point of view is not feasible. Subsequently, the use of R507 substitutes, is expected to be completed before the end of 2014. However, the R507 GWP value is relatively high, reaching 3985, not in conformity with the European F- gas amendment request.

Before R410A was considered, but did not go on, this is mainly because the requiredtechnology is not mature now, at the time, it was believed to be the only viable alternative toboth the economy and the technique, is mainly used for refrigeration plant new construction.The new plant is expected to be completed in 2017 July.

Use the BP company's R22 won the British environment, food and Agricultural Affairs (DEFRA)special authorization. Exemption clause points out, in the repair of all found leakage and meet 1005/2009 regulations requirements, in order to obtain a certain number of R22 use qualification.

The Danish state-owned enterprises -- DONG energy, as Denmark's biggest National Energy Co, has acquired immunity, its subordinate Nybro natural gas processing plant in the recovery of R22 in 2017 before 31 December, use no more than 9300t. The factory undertakesDenmark 95% natural gas supply. Refrigeration system using two chiller plant, with a prepared. Standby equipment without filling refrigerant. Of course, last year the reserveequipment can legally filling recovery of R22, but the DONG energy company that uses only a single unit operation more environmental protection, standby equipment will only in the accident occurred due to significant leakage situation of emergency refrigerant.

DONG energy companies adhere to the existing system, the only alternative refrigerant is HFC, but also do not accord with the Danish regulations. As the number of uncertain future gas supplies factory, still be in suspense new refrigerant system.

Holland's defense ministry has to save is successful for its submarines for recovery, R22 can use 324kg before the end of 2018.

Research shows that, 2003 started R22 the selection of alternatives, but the complexity ofnaval submarine refrigeration system based on the Department of defense, Holland insists there is no right ", can be directly filled" alternative refrigerant or other alternative refrigerant system. Of course, they also insist on, in the process of refrigerants, special Navy submarinesalso need to set more restrictions on new refrigerant, considering some characteristics andforces required, such as noise, vibration, shock and electromagnetic compatibility etc..

Holland's defense ministry has proposed a special alternative, for this kind of submarine design, is based on R134a, R404A and R407C based system. Of course, the new system alsoneed to debug process strictly.


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