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Low-pressure high-temperature and high-pressure low-temperature refrigerant

The difference between the low-pressure high-temperature and high-pressure  low-temperature refrigerant gas.
Refrigerant refrigeration apparatus for performing a refrigeration cycle of the working substance, its working principle is the refrigerant heat absorption material is cooled in the evaporator and the evaporator, heat is absorbed in the condenser is transferred to the surrounding air or water, and is cooled to a liquid, the cyclical change of state means to achieve the cooling effect. Commonly used refrigerant ammonia (R717), Freon (CFC generation alkyl) (R22, R134a, R410A, etc.).

High-temperature low-pressure refrigerant condensing pressure Pk≤2 ~ 3 kg / cm (absolute), T0> 0 ℃. As R11 (CFCl3), which T0 = 23.7 ℃. Such suitable for air-conditioning system refrigerant centrifugal refrigeration compressors. Usually 30 ℃, Pk≤3.06㎏ / cm. MV refrigerant condensing temperature pressure Pk T0> -60 ℃. As R717.R12.R22 etc., these refrigerants are generally used for ordinary single-stage and two-stage compression piston compression refrigeration compressors. The high-pressure low-temperature refrigerant condensing pressure Pk≥20㎏ / cm (absolute), T0≤-70 ℃. As R13 (CF3Cl), R14 (CF4), carbon dioxide, ethane, ethylene, etc., suitable for such refrigerant cascade cryogenic or low temperature portion of the refrigeration apparatus of the apparatus of -70 ℃ below.

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