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R450A refrigerant will replace the R134a

R450A refrigerant will replace the R134a

Recently, America announced that the new R450A as an alternative refrigerant.R450A refrigerant is developed by HoneyWell Company, the refrigerant is a non combustible mixture,the distribution ration is 42% R134a and 58% HFO-1234ze,the ODP value is zero, the value of GWP is about 601.

New refrigerant R450A is considered to be an ideal substitute, and can be widely applied to product, including retail food refrigeration system, chilled / frozentransport, water cooler, the cold storage refrigeration, industrial processes,piston, screw and scroll chiller, centrifugal chillers, household refrigerators andfreezers, and industrial process air conditioning system.

As an alternative or quality system R134a water chillers in the CO2 cascadesystem as the temperature in the refrigerant in the refrigerant, R450A showedvery good performance. In addition, in the Spanish port city Valencia, the refrigerant as a direct charge R404A irrigation alternatives, also obtained good results.