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Honeywell launched the Solstice L-41 new refrigerant

Honeywell launched the Solstice L-41 new refrigerant

The latest development of the L-41 of low global warming potential alternativerefrigerant for application of R-410A in the air conditioning and heat pump In January 7, 2013, Honey Well Company Maurice town - America New Jersey(New York stock exchange code: HON) has launched a low global warming potential new refrigerant Solstice value L-41 recently. The refrigerant will be used to replace the current widely used refrigerant R410A.


Honeywell held in Kobe, 2012 International Symposium on environmental protection technology and new refrigerant refrigerant Solstice it announced the launch of the L-41.

Compared to R410 A, global warming potential Solstice L-41 value reduced by 75%, will serve as the substitute of R410A application for home and smallcommercial air conditioning and heat pump in. At the same time, the Solstice L-41has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving aspects from to cost effectiveness, only need to design and adjustment can be subtle is suitable for the air conditioning system of existing hardware.


"Honeywell has been with the top air conditioning and refrigeration equipment manufacturers in close cooperation, optimization of the Solstice L-41 formula to meet the air conditioning and heat pump applications under different working conditions of the stringent requirements." Fluorine chemicals division Honeywellglobal business director Tom Maurice (Tom Morris) said, "through the use of the Solstice L-41, equipment vendors can provide refrigeration and heat pumpsystems of environmental protection, so as to help to tackle climate change."


At the same time, the Solstice L-41 compared with an alternative product R32 has remarkable advantage. The latter not only global warming potential is high,may also need to be equipped with new oil, and high exhaust temperature,especially in the high temperature environment, which will affect the air-conditioning system performance and reliability, thereby limiting its use.


Solstice L-41 is an advanced product of Honeywell HFO-1234ze technology based on HFO-1234ze, introduced in 2008, and in the water chiller, foaming agent and aerosol commercial application has shown good performance. At present, Honeywell is to build a plant to produce HFO-1234ze, to meet customer demand.