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Refrigerant disposal certification or licensing system

Refrigerant disposal certification or licensing system

Since January 1, 2015, when New Zealand (NZ) buy refrigerant Refrigerant disposal certification or licensing system will become a mandatory requirement.

New Zealand refrigerant license courses (RLNZ) Training Manager MattewAllfree in an interview with Australia's automotive air conditioning, electrical and refrigeration mechanic Association (VASA) interview that the licensing requirements will cover all of the refrigerant, which is different in Australia, Australian operators allow unauthenticated Manufacturers buy certain refrigerants such as hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Mr. Allfree said that the current licensing requirements also only a voluntary agreement, the voluntary training subsidy is 50 cents per kg of refrigerant (NZ), Similarly, the voluntary recycling subsidy is 1.50 yuan (NZ). He explained:. "Training subsidies would help before we did the training, and to increase investment, develop new safety training for flammable refrigerants HVAC industry" BOCGases also want to join a voluntary program, but pointed out that Mr. Allfree , in consultation with the major refrigerant suppliers are still in progress.

Based on current licensing mechanisms, if the buyer can prove that they have participated in the RLNZ course, will give a brief concession period.

In April of VASA publication, New Zealand refrigerant industry at the end of last year agreed to the introduction of compulsory licensing scheme under the conditions of access to the relevant certification based on the number of employees could reach the set bottom line. New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency (NZEPA) has confirmed that, by the end of this year, there will be more than 2000 staff successfully obtained the necessary certification. RLNZ will offer additional courses as possible before the deadline to allow more people to get the certificate.

On RLNZ website also reminded, health and safety regulations more in the company responsible for production safety employees, directors and senior managers and other staff. Those who attend RLNZ courses can get comprehensive training to meet all EPA requirements.

With the New Zealand Government to consider synthetic refrigerants and other voluntary greenhouse gas regulations become mandatory change management, licensing mechanism will eventually rise to the legal level. Mr. Allfree said: "Ministry of the Environment refrigerant being revised, and plans to promote the development of stronger regulations they realize that voluntary mechanisms are penalties for law-abiding companies, the company's tolerance for non-compliance.." Regulations being developed will also cover refrigerant recovery and destruction.

New Zealand Commerce Commission in November 2011 published in the Gazette No. 735 cited in 2008 at Tamahere's Icepak cold explosion, a firefighter at the expense of the accident, seven of them seriously, pointing out that the refrigerant-depth training is necessary. Wen pointed out: "promoting training refrigerant industry can prevent the occurrence of similar accidents that accident was caused by a refrigerant containing propane fire caused.."

Of course, some small refrigerant buying agencies, such as the private car repair workshop or car air-conditioning repairman can buy refrigerant from those accredited the customer, thereby eliminating training.

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