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Yangzi air conditioning built R290 production lines

Yangzi air conditioning invest 35 million to build production lines R290

According to the Chinese government and the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol agreement, air-conditioning industry to be completed before 2015 10,430 tons of HCFC-22 phase-out, and complete the transformation of at least 18 production lines R290, R290 air conditioning while achieving volume production and marketing promotion. It is understood that the State Environmental Protection Ministry of Foreign Cooperation Center has been signed with 14 companies of 22 production line of the contract, which was signed with nine companies 12 R290 air conditioning renovation contract. Among them, the Yangtze is responsible for a R290 air conditioner production line will be officially put into operation in October.

According to reports, as one of nine companies to get air-conditioning subsidies R290, R290 Yangtze air conditioning air conditioner production lines were started renovation project since February 6 this year, the entire project with a total investment of about 35 million yuan. Yangzi air conditioning identified by independent research based, while actively with universities, professional institutes combining product development program aimed at better grasp of R290 characteristics and develop new products as soon as possible. By then Yangzi air conditioning refrigerant R290 air conditioning production capacity will reach 456,000 units / year.

Although the R290 air conditioning because of the market size is still small, the transformation of the production line is not low cost, high promotional costs and other issues, the inevitable high retail price in the short term, but consumer concerns about their safety. But as the old appliance business Yangtze, with strong market base and a good public reputation, but also hope to promote through their own efforts and the development of the industry together R290 air conditioning, practicing corporate social responsibility, to promote the cause of environmental protection and contribute their strength.

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