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GL2014 natural refrigerants meeting

GL2014 natural refrigerants meeting

August 31, 2014 - September 2, 2009, the Eleventh International Institute of Refrigeration Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural refrigerants (IIR GL2014) grand held in Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel. IIR GL is a leading international conference held every two years term to cover all research areas of natural refrigerants, this meeting by the Chinese Association of Refrigeration and Zhejiang University jointly sponsored a third, place the election in the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, nearly 300 from the world's leading research institutions, well-known companies and research institutions and other industry colleagues and students gathered to share industry, new technologies, new developments, and jointly promote the positive development of natural refrigerants.

In the opening speech, vice president of Chinese Association of Refrigeration Mr. Meng Qingguo said: "At present, energy saving and environmental protection and sustainable development has become an international consensus, have a greater impact on the environment as a refrigeration and air conditioning industry, but should actively action, take up our responsibility, we should strengthen the promotion of low-carbon energy between research new technologies, new products, cooperation and exchanges in various countries and regions, jointly contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection. "

Danfoss Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Division, Public Affairs Officer industry Torben Funder Kristensen keynote speech at the General Assembly

As a support unit of the conference in the field of natural refrigerants and refrigeration impressive leader, Danfoss deeply involved in the event, four experts from home and abroad brought Danfoss five wonderful keynote speech to attendees. Danfoss Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Division, in charge of public sector affairs Mr. Torben Funder Kristensen respectively "carbon heat recovery technology application in the supermarket" and "global refrigerant trends" in the title, the content of the General Assembly has brought two profound theme speech.

In addition, experts from Danfoss Wuqing senior R & D and manufacturing base, Miss Zhang Leping commercial compressor system technology manager for the Department of Natural Environmentally friendly refrigerant in the compressor application technology, shared the "R290 scroll compressor technology," and participants and the prospect of inverter technology and low solubility of the lubricant R290 will be the future direction of the scroll compressor. And from the Ministry of Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration Applications Manager, Asia Pacific and global markets, Mr. Huang Zhihua, director of technical support Niels Mr. P. Vestergaard's speech topics will revolve around the construction of China's cold chain were extended, "Improving the energy efficiency of Chinese cold storage refrigeration system automatically control scheme "and" in a safe and efficient industrial refrigeration ammonia refrigerant applications "have caused a high resonance in the General Assembly.

During the meeting, Mr. Torben Funder Kristensen and Miss Zhang Leping also accepted online HVAC industry media interview, when asked how Danfoss coordinated with environmental protection in the energy strategy development, Torben confidently replied: "Danfoss has been a staunch unwavering commitment to sustainable development solutions. when we talk about 'sustainable', which means to maintain the balance of the natural environment, safety, and can be realized between achieving truly sustainable we must take into account these three elements, which also act on the principle Danfoss. "

About natural refrigerant compressor applications, Danfoss has been at the forefront of the industry, Zhang Leping briefed reporters on the research status in the world as well as the latest research progress R290 currently Danfoss in this regard: "At present, the European applied research for R290 leading research focused on the development and application of small refrigeration unit to the refrigerator with a small piston compressors and room air conditioner and rolling piston compressors mainly focused on specific research to optimize the performance of lubricants research and system security protection. against R290 thermal physical properties, based on the technical features of a scroll compressor, Danfoss will focus on the mechanical compression, motor optimization, research lubricant selection and electrical safety aspects, the current has developed a series of prototype. "

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