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Methods of A/C gas leak detection

Methods of A/C gas leak detection

Refrigeration Express News: In summer, use of air conditioning refrigerant leakage is the most common fault. Some need to add refrigerant once a year, and some may be added once two months. Refrigerant leak likely to cause environmental pollution, an additional maintenance cost and time. The following air conditioning and refrigeration market experts to introduce several air conditioning leak detection methods.

Visual Leak

Somewhere in the system have found traces of oil may leak point here. Visual leak detection is simple, there is no cost, but there is a great defect, large leak unless the system is suddenly broken, and the system is leaking liquid colored media, otherwise the visual leak detection can not locate, because the place is usually very subtle leakage, and there are many parts of the air conditioner itself is almost invisible.

Soapy water leak

The system filled 10-20kg / cm2 pressure nitrogen, and then coated with soapy water in various parts of the system, is bubbling at the leakage point. This approach is currently the most common leak air conditioning repair methods, but who's arm is limited, human vision is limited in scope, often can not see the leak.

Nitrogen water leak

The system filled 10-20kg / cm2 pressure nitrogen, the system immersed in water, bubbling at the leakage point is. This method and substance of soapy water leak detection methods, like the front, though low cost, but there are obvious shortcomings: water leak with easy access to the system, leading to corrosion of the material within the system, while the high pressure gas system is also likely to cause more large damage, leak detection when labor intensity is also great, thus making maintenance and overhaul costs rise.

Halogen Leak

Leak lit lamps, halogen handheld air tube on when the nozzle close to the system leaks, flame violet blue color changes that indicate where there is a large leak. In this way there is an open flame to produce not only very dangerous, but flames and refrigerant combination will produce harmful gases, in addition, is not easy to accurately locate the leak. So this approach is now almost no one uses, and if you can see, it may be a serious leak is in the stage.

Differential pressure gas leak

The difference between inside and outside air pressure system using the differential pressure through the sensor amplification, by way of a digital or sound or electronic signals expression leak results. This method is only "qualitative" to know whether the system can accurately find leaks and leak points.

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