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America may completely phased out R22

The United States may completely phased out R22 in 2018 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently submitted a final timetable for the phase-out of HCFC-22 production. Before the phase-out schedule is: 2013 R-22 to allow production of 6,280 million pounds of freshmen, 2014 was reduced to 51 million pounds. For the 2015-2019 quota consumption of HCFC-22, EPA said in 2015 for 30 million pounds in 2016 to 2,400 million pounds in 2017 to 1,800 million pounds in 2018 to 1,200 million pounds in 2019 to 6,000,000 pounds, until 2020 to reach zero. EPA states: "According to the plan, the annual quota reduction is the same."

The new bill includes two changes

First, the new cuts plan, EPA hopes to accelerate the pace. First, the 2015 quota for the latest 27 million pounds in 2016 and then decreased to 1,800 million pounds in 2017 of 9,000,000 pounds, 2018, to stop all production. According to EPA, the proposal greatly encourage existing suppliers to R-22 refrigerant recovery and use alternative refrigerants for R-22 system transformation.

Second, according to a statement EPA proposed an "estimation", allow approximately 50 million pounds of production in 2015, according to the required maintenance, recycling and other measures, and the use of alternatives to gradually replace the existing R-22 systems to achieve the 2020 reduction target.

After 60 days of the public notice period, once the bill is adopted, it will be published in the Federal Register column. It was not until December 16, 2013, the bill has not yet announced, which means that public notice period will be extended to February 2014, is expected to eventually EPA regulations will not be published in mid-2014.

Impact on contractors

The bill does not affect in the short term contractors. The reason is that the current inventory of R-22 can reach 100 million pounds, EPA allows large manufacturers and importers will ensure the supply of the product.

In addition, there will not install the new R-22 systems on the market. Air conditioning industry are more inclined to HFC-410A systems. And refrigeration industries, especially the supermarket industry is rapidly eliminated R-22 systems. In addition, both the end-user demand, or the contractor's efforts, the system is moving in a more confined, reducing leakage direction. In fact, through the "green refrigeration" program, EPA is promoting the use of alternative refrigerants supermarket industry system and a more closed system.

Industry reaction

George Koutsaftes Honeywell heat exchange products business director, said: "Honeywell recognize and welcome the efforts made ​​by the EPA, the new motion concerned about the development of the industry, it is feasible Overall, in 2013 the market. is a state of oversupply, EPA's motion noted that the current inventory is higher than in 2012, which makes the price of R-22 pressure decreases, postponed or canceled with the end-user system reform, the pace of new alternative refrigerants product use also put ease the strict restrictions on quotas can rebalance supply and demand, promoting the use of alternative refrigerants, refrigerant promote recycling, to achieve zero for 2020 HCFC-22 ready. "

Jay Kestenbaum, senior vice president of sales and purchase Airgas Inc., said: "EPA for the main issues of concern raised industry motion to choose from, but not completely open, resulting in a number of different answers, so that once you fall into the quagmire of choice majority. agrees to the same motion, the culmination of unified action will be easy. "

Matt Ritter, director of government relations Arkema Inc., said: "This will be taken into account HCFC final rule, we believe, before reaching a final decision, consider the various views is indeed very important."

Some companies prefer the fastest-out plan.

. ICOR Intl Gordon McKinney COO and vice president Inc., said: "We believe, based on current production and market conditions, alternative refrigerants applications in the industry has been in full swing, R-22 maintenance needs are very small, even R-22 quota reaches zero in 2015, we are also acceptable. "

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Hudson Tehcnologies Inc.'s Kevin Zugibee think, EPA's phase-out plan is not perfectly reflect the company refrigerant recycling and sustainable development goals. He said: "The best way to achieve those goals is no longer provided after the 2014 quota, the full support of the recycling industry since 2015, of course, on the current bill, we think the 2018 is to achieve a comprehensive phase-out of most. good plan. "

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