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The Technical Prameter of Refrigerant R406A

R-406A is a zeotropic blend of HCFC-22, HCFC-142b and R-600a.

It serves as a substitute for R-500 and R-12 in several air-conditi-

oning and refrigeration applications.

Physical Property

composition:R22/ R142b/ R600a

Molecular Composition(%):55/41/4

Molecular Weight:89.86

Boiling Point, °C:-32.7

Critical Temperature, °C:116.5

Critical Pressure,kPa:4880


GWP,100 yr:1900

R406A Refrigerant gas Quality standard

Purity, %:≥99.8

Moisture, PPm:≤10

Acidity, PPm:≤1

Vapor Residue, PPm:≤100

Appearance:Colorless, No turbid

Odor:No Strange Stench

Packaging and Storage
R-406A is available in disposable steel cylinders and returnable steel cylinders.
Cylinders should be stored in cool, dry and well-ventilated area away from sunlight and rain.