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R22 price down

From the beginning of year to the May,the refrigerant R22has been

showing a downward trend,but from mid-May to jue the R22 market

rebounded sharply, the average offer of R22 domestic manufacturers

rose from 11,500 yuan / ton to 12,100 yuan/ ton, up 5.22 percent.

Analysts of the business community believes that the R22 market will

continue to rise.


Although the raw materials hydrofluoric acid and chloroform

market is stable and  maintained at a low cost of support, but in May

part of the R22 manufacturers in turn repair the equipment, the market

supply is a slight tension, traders use the opportunity to refrigerant has

also increased, while increase in export volume.R22 refrigerant was

once commonly used in home air conditioners, its strong role in the

destruction of the ozone layer and the release of greenhouse gases.

The United States and other countries to stop production on January 1,

2010,leading to the sharp contraction of global R22 production.