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Refrigerant technologies seminars

HCFC phase-out and natural refrigerant alternative technologies seminars

held in Turkmenistan.Supported by the United Nations Environmental Prot-

ection (UNEP), sponsored by the Turkmenistan national ozone Organization

(NOU) ,the HCFC phase-out and natural refrigerant alternative technical

seminars held in the Turkmenistan capital of Ash Kaba,the main purpose

for the refrigeration and air conditioning industrypolicy makers and related

industries and enterprises. The meeting was a great success, and in the

future to organize similar seminars in other developing countries to promote

development of natural preparations.


At present, the HCFC-22 has been industry-wide applications, including

commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump, heat pump water

heater and chillers and industrial refrigeration, in Europe and Central Asia,

the natural refrigerant alternatives gradually in the application.


In 2010, Turkmenistan has been signed and the Montreal Protocol Mul-

tilateral Fund Executive Committee related to HCFC phase-out manag-

ement plan. Upon request, Turkmenistan should freeze HCFC consum-

ption in 2013, when the expected an increase of 12% of the HCFC-22



The meeting reached the following consensus in order to promote the

development of natural refrigerants:

一、as soon as possible to establish a room air conditioner Association;

二、to organize training courses on natural refrigerants, and edit repair

/ service manual as soon as possible;

三、the European standard EN378 for reference as soon as possible

on the natural refrigerant system design and safe operation of the stan-

dards and regulations

四、not only in Turkmenistan, while in other developing countries, the

establishment of the use of ammonia and carbon dioxide technology

demonstration projects.


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