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R600a heat pump successfully applied

R600a refrigerant heat pump equipment to a hospital in

Denmark successfully applied

Denmark, Aarhus University Hospital continues to expand in

recent years, the original heating and air conditioning systems

can not meet demand, the hospital installed a hydrocarbon re-

frigerant chiller has been successfully replace the R22 system,

then  install the  hydrocarbon heat pump equipment.Two heat

pump units using R600a as a  refrigerant, a total of  80kg, the

total heating capacity of 450kW cooling capacity of 325kW, two

run independently under the same framework.


Heat pump installation in the hospital but also for the supply of

energy security guarantees: the entire system is connected with

the  hospital's  own power generation  equipment to  ensure  a

stable supply, independent of the local power grid system in order

to avoid power outages.


In order to ensure the safety, heat pump units with full closure

design,shaft seal, or semi-welded heat exchangers to avoid flam-

mable hydrocarbon refrigerants. For outdoor installation of equip-

ment parts, using a secondary loop system with a highly efficient

micro-bubble separation to avoid the gas into the equipment res-

ulting in the possibility of burning. In addition, in the case of leaks,

all electrical parts of the equipment will be cut off, and only manu-

ally restart, remote restart function.


The new  system meets under the Montreal Protocol of  2000  to

prohibit the use of HCFCs in the newly installed equipment requir-

ements, and  the Danish  regulations  prohibi t the use of the filling

amount of more than 10 kg of HFC equipment. The same time, the

project allowing the hospital to avoid the HFC-high taxes, and Den-

mark in 2003 for the high taxation of HFC refrigerant.