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R22 prices are rising in USA

Due to the control of United States, R22 prices are rising.


By virtue of the provisions of the Montreal Protocol, United States

R22 reserves declining, Therefore, the U.S. domestic air condition-

ing industry have also seen the price of R22 is rising fast.


New products in the United States since 2010, has not allowed the

use of R22 refrigerant, but this product can also be used for mainte-

nance. 2015, consumption will be reduced by 10% (baseline), the

production of the refrigerant corresponding reduction.


U.S. contractor's report that, for control reasons, last year the price

of R22 will be 40USD / lbs up to 90USD / lbs. However, due to gas

prices, leading to the general air conditioning filling up 4 times.