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R22 Offer down to US$1700-1810/Ton

Recently, the refrigerant spot market continues a vulnerable decline trend of

R22 offer from last week US$1730-1887 / ton, down to US$1700-1810 / ton,

down by US$30-80/ton.Downstream poly PCE market downturn, marketvu-

lnerable decline, of PTFE susp-ended particles about 6.5,be limited, therefr-

igerant of raw materials hydrogen fluoride-acid procurement is also very lim-

ited on the deterrent effects of hydrofluoric acid prices.


National policies this year, more inclined to energy efficient products, to limit the

development of the R22 refrigerant at the same time in 2011, In addition,the ent-

husiasm of the local government building Fluorine Chemical Park is unprecede-

nted.and into 2012 with production capacity gradually released, the price of the

2011 fluorine chemical industry is also congregation surge ascribed to the pro-

cess of rational down, the air conditioner market in early inventory of historic

highs to become the primary task of inventory,and new production is mainly

concentrated in the state-supported energy efficient products,the demand for

the R22 is also a downward trend.


Industry analysts persons fluorine chemical industrial chain products of each

other led to inseparable, in the current low demand and low price effects of

the downstream product market, in June, the refrigerant market remains weak,

prices are still dropping as may be expected to R22 run range of US$1575

-1730/ ton.