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First training center for refrigerant

First training center of HFO, HC and CO2 refrigerant in

the world

The British set up a first training center of HFO, HC and CO2

refrigerant in world. The company is located near Birmingham

European Refrigeration  Training Institute has advanced HFO

chillers, and HC refrigeration equipment and existing CO2 sys-

tem connection that allows engineers to conduct a  comprehe-

nsive training in these environmentally friendly refrigerant system.

Major equipment includes: a refrigerant HFO R1234ze, and coo-

ling capacity 64kW chillers, and the use of HC refrigerants R1270

refrigerated display case installed together, as well as the center

of the original CO2 factory.


WR Refrigeration The company also offers City and Guilds certific-

ation of HC  refrigerants HFO chiller development of new training

courses, including debugging, maintenance, and maintenance, and

unit control. In order to meet different customer needs, the center

also offers short courses of CO2 refrigeration, the course has been

supported by the British Refrigeration Association.


WR Refrigeration of Business Development and Marketing Director

said:provided by the company of HFO, HC and CO2 mixed training

courses is similar to the training of the world's first. It is very important,

it will be a variety of alternative technologies together because many

end users are faced with many problems is not a single refrigerant,

but the mixture of a variety of techniques. The center can help users

and engineers to get first-hand technology and equipment information,

and mastery of the joint operation of multiple systems and the inter-

action of practical experience.