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Environmentally friendly refrigerant manufacturers

Investigate of Environmentally friendly refrigerant


The refrigerant market are in a depressed state this year in china.

Recently, the refrigerant on the market, the substitution of R22 is

also imminent. A variety of new environmentally friendly refrigerant

also began to emerge in the market.In April this year, China's Shen-

zhen set up the first pilot of hydrocarbon refrigerants. Prior to this,

the R290 refrigerant air conditioning Gree, Midea, Haier, the Oaks

and the Chi higher such as air conditioning manufacturers a long pe-

riod of testing and trial production stage. Because hydrocarbon refrig-

erant is flammable and explosive characteristics, therefore, many

consumers believe that the type of refrigerant, there are some security

risks in the time to buy is still in the stage of "carefully".


Wide variety of refrigerant in market,alternative to the tendency of

hydrocarbon refrigerants.China will start in 2013 to ban fluoride pro-

gram.On the market today, the loudest voices to  alternative is hydr-

ocarbon refrigerants.Although the market the R410A share high per-

centage than other refrigerant.However, due to its greenhouse effect

can be compared with R22, R410A refrigerant only alternative transit-

ional product.


The explosive nature of the promotion of hydrocarbon refrigerants a

little"hard".Due to the  flammable and explosive safety hazards of hy-

drocarbon refrigerants,China has not been popularized.However, be-

cause it belongs to the natural refrigerant to atmospheric pollution,ozone

layer destruction and the greenhouse effect is almost zero.


Therefore,many countries and regions have begun to use a hydrocarbon

 refrigerant.According to related statistics, the German refrigerators,refrigeration,

freezer, 95% of the refrigeration equipment have been used hydrocarbon

refrigerants, some of Britain's major supermarket chains, 80 percent of

the freezer have hydrocarbon agent refrigeration. Hydrocarbon refrige-

rants in its infancy in the promotion of our country, consumers are not

recognized hydrocarbon refrigerant.