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DuPont push out new refrigerant

On the 23rd China Refrigeration Expo, DuPont announced two new

initiatives designed to promote innovation and specifications of the

refrigeration industry, to honor the entire industry commitment to

sustainable development on the environment.


DuPont TMOpteonTM yf (HFO-1234yf) refrigerant gas is the DuPont

company according to European automotive air conditioning (MAC)

laws,to developed HFC-R134a new alternative refrigerants.OpteonTM

yf refrigerant in automotive air conditioning systems in Europe, Japan,

South Korea and the United States mainstream car manufacturers

safety and performance testing, and has been widely recognized for

the global automotive manufacturers.


The DuPont TMOpteonTM XP10 refrigerant is a lower global warming

potential (GWP) of refrigerants, applicable to a wide range of air cond-

itioning refrigeration and refrigeration applications, including medium

temperature refrigeration systems, commercial air conditioning systems,

water cooling system.Its performance with HFC-R134a refrigerant is

very close,and therefore highly compatible with existing systems, tech-

nology, new equipment and existing installed equipment to complete

and efficient replacement.


"With the wide application of the the the DuPont TMISCEON 9 series

refrigerants,the products of the series almost to replace the existing

installed equipment R-22 series of refrigerant in an industry standard

now launched DuPont TMOpteonTM series refrigerant DuPont Refri-

gerants R & Da milestone in that it will become a refrigerant to reduce

the environmental imprint, reduce global warming potential of a new

standard of value."said Tae Sung Kim, the Asia-Pacific regional man-

ager of DuPont's fluorine chemical products.