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Domestic refrigerant market downturn

Since June this year, the domestic refrigerant spot market prices continue to

decline.Air conditioning and refrigeration market data show that: part of R22

manufacturersoffer drop to less than US$1590 / ton.For the reason,the slu-

ggish demand of downs-tream PTFE and air conditioning industry,resulting

in the R22 fell sharply.


Recent R134a price fell significantly, the mainstream transaction US$4445-

4920/ ton,much against the trader mentality, thin trading. The reason: on the

one hand, the price of raw materials trichlorethylene than years ago, have

fallen sharply;there on the one hand is the increase in market supply, the

manufacturers started to rise and exports is expected to reduce causing

manufacturers to lower prices had to row the library.


Air conditioning and refrigeration market experts believe that the bad long-t

erm European debt crisis overshadowed,the bulk product prices continued to

show a downward trend in supply without a good background.R22 mainstream

transaction toward US$1587,-US$1508; ;of R134a transaction will toward US$