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Different refrigerants used in air heaters

At present, the most refrigerants used in air water heater by manufacturers

are R22,R134a, R415b, R417a, has different characteristics for air  water

heaters, following these several refrigerant characteristics and uses are



R22 for air conditioning is very appropriate, because the condensation

temperature is always controlled at 45 degrees below (because the air

temperature is almost always below 40 degrees); but air water heater

temperature is always asking for more than 40 degrees,the temperature

of R22 is easy up more than 40 degrees.Therefore, R22 for air water

heaters because of the R22 exhaust temperature is high, causing the co-

mpressor lubricating oil cooling is not good, the cracking rate accelerated

dramatically, and so shorten the compressor life.


Belong to environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a (CH2FCF3), exhaust

gas temperature is also low, but its boiling point (standard atmospheric

pressure) to -26.5 degrees,which can cause low efficiency of air water

heaters in the winter because the refrigerant evaporation is slow so we

can see that R134a is suit for indoor refrigeration equipment, or tropical

regions, the northern outdoor refrigeration equipment is not used.


R415b, mixed refrigerant, invented by the Department of Professor

Zhu Mingshan, Tsinghua University (United Nations Environment

Programme International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Heat

Pumps Technical Committee) International Institute of Refrigeration

uniform number: R415A, R415B, R418A, R425A.Its ODP is zero,

and 417a, the exhaust temperature is slightly higher. R415b replace

the R22, the system heating capacity of about 10% of the attenuation.


R417a mixed refrigerant (HFC-143, HFC-125 and R600), R417a

environmentally friendly, efficient and low exhaust temperature.

More suitable for the air water heater,the air conditioning from china

exports to Europe most use R417a.By the same air conditioning, with

R417A than R22 in efficiency up to 13% .