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Detailed Of Refrigerant R407C

refrigerant gas r407c is an HFC retrofit refrigerant for 22.It is used in

air conditioner and Non-centrifugal refrigeration system.

Refrigerant Gas R407C Physical Property:

Molecular Weight :86.2

Boling Point,:-43.8

Critical Temperature,:87.3

Critical Pressure ,kpa:4630

Saturated Vapor Pressure, kpa: 1174

Evaporation Latent Heat ,KJ/KG 250



Refrigerant Gas R407C Quality Standard:

Purity ,% :≥99.8

Moisture,% :≤0.001

Acidity ,% :≤0.0001

Evaporation Residue,% :≤0.01

Appearance : Colorless and Clear


Refrigerant Gas R407C Packing
Disposable cylinder 25lb/11.3kg,Recyclable cylinder 850kg
Refrigerant Gas R407C Storage and shipping
Storage should be away from fire, heat and avoid direct sunlight,
it usually put in a cool, dry and ventilated place .In case the cylinder,
valves and other accessories are damaged ,it should be handled with care .