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Ammonia refrigerant gas

The Australian Government supports the food processing

industry use ammonia refrigerant

Australian clean technology investment program, the first introduction

of the allowance of 13 grant funds, including two involved in the food

processing industry, to help the industry to the use of ammonia refri-

gerant alternative to the existing chilled / frozen system. In the  next

few years, the fund will be used to support more than 3000 projects,

and help manufacturers to  reduce energy consumption and carbon



As part of the Australian Government's clean energy plan, the clean

technology  investment plans, as well  as clean food and processing

investment plan will provide 805 million euros,by investing in efficient

equipment, low-carbon  technologies, processing  and products, and

support  domestic  enterprises in today's environment of  low-carbon

economymaintain a high level of competitiveness.


The first allowance worth € 6.5 million involving 13 projects to help the

industry to install energy efficient equipment more than 18.5 million eu-



Australia's clean technology investment plan: The plan was announced

in February 2012, the core of the Australian government for the upgrade

of the industry to help "the future of clean energy plan". Of the program

funds will be used for the following items: waste heat recovery: CCHP

system and heat exchange recovery system for heating, ventilation and

air conditioning systems; to improve the refrigeration and HVAC systems

energy efficiency: including the promotion of appropriate technology,mai-

ntenance and control the development of products and technologies;sup-

port the  manufacturers and the use of low  energy, low carbon  emission

products and technologies.