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Refrigerant Gas Replacement

In November 2011, the China Household Electrical Appliances Association

published the first Chinese home appliance technology roadmap,in air-

conditioned low-carbon environmental protection, HCFC alternative hydr-

ocarbon technology industrialization is a clear description. In fact, the

implementation of the Montreal Multilateral Fund projects in China since

2011,Gree,Midea, Haier, Chigo air conditioning manufacturers in succession

on the R290 and other refrigerant air conditioning test and trial production

of home air conditioners in China,alternative refrigerants curtain has been



From Jan to Oct 2011,China's air-conditioning with R22 and R410A refrigerant

production was 55,637,000 / 41,190,000 / year on year decrease of 6.7% and

an increase of 93.3%.Although the R22 out of the market has entered the coun-

tdown companies are actively alternative refrigerant.But R410A is not the end

of the environmentally friendly refrigerant products. This is because the R410A

although not on the ozone layer destruction, but the greenhouse effect is still

evident, and therefore belong to the transitional alternatives.


Gree, Midea, as the representative of the air conditioning manufacturers, has

not stopped exploring new refrigerant in air conditioning environmental, July

2011,Gree built the world's first hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 refrigerant air

conditioning production lines.Midea push out refrigerant gas R32、R290、

R161 three new environmentally friendly refrigerant air conditioning.